Flowers on the Wall - Computer Art


I have been dabbling in digital art and music visualization for a bit. This weekend I took a deeper dive and challenged myself to create something that basically would draw a song (whatever that means).

My goal was to create a digital image that is unique to the song it is created based on the frequencies of the song playing. Without reading in data  from the audio the final image looks like this: 

However, after adding the audio, it gives the art its uniqueness, color, and overall form. Here we add the audio of the song “Flowers on the Wall”. Resulting in this final image:

A cool, abstract way to visualize the song, and it's not instantaneous. The viewer watches the image slowly get painted from a few random dots to an intricate piece of work.

The process of it being created is sped up below in a video:  


On a computer, you can play with it here:


Hope you enjoy it!


- Dom

March 30, 2021, noon