Covid 19 Vaccine Tracking with R

R is a coding language great for web scraping and data processing as well as data visualization.


Most of this data processing is done in an R Studio environment and insights are derived for internal use. However, R has a feature that allows the users to create reports of their findings and present that in HTML format. 


This is done using R Markdown language, which combines the ability to type out thoughts, insights, and links used to create a report as well as display the plots and data generated from R code from your analysis.


This is a great tool to present one’s findings of whatever they are researching. Now sending someone a play HTML file and/or PDF is easy, however, sometimes you want more than one person to view what you have to say.


A great tool for this is uploading your HTML document to Github Repository with the title index.html displaying your report and making that repository public to view using GitHub Pages. This will essentially be how you host your “website” or R report in HTML.


Another feature that you can implement is adding a theme and navigation to your R Report index.html which allows for multiple reports to be accessed and viewed instead of just one static index.html page.


This allows you to have more of a full website that just a single R page, granted this website does not come with common website features like a contact page or about page (unless you wanted to add an about HTML page or change the structure of the website with added custom HTML code, depending on the effort you want to put it). It is still a very great tool to convey insights for complex data sets and present them easily to people around the world which I think is very cool and makes R much more versatile than I initially expected.


This link provides a great example of how to get your R reports into a form of a website using R markdown and GitHub Pages. → 


Using this tutorial as a guide I was able to create a sample “R website” with my R reports created for analyzing the Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution. 


The goal to set up a website like this is to be able to create R reports and generate new R reports as time goes by and data sources are updated, to see how the covid vaccine is distributed throughout the world and in the United States. 


The link to my “R Report Website” can be found here: 

Created using all open source technologies, free web hosting from GitHub Pages, and publicly available data sources. 

- Dom

Dec. 24, 2020, 3:55 p.m.