Heat Waves Music Visualization

So music visualization has always been a big interest of mine.


It’s a creative mix of visual and audio art that to me, is very pleasing to watch.


Researching the best ways to visualize music, the library p5.js is a clear favorite for visualizing music. They have a great website of examples and tutorials for developers to get started with.




Looking through the examples on the website, and a wave animation stuck out.

Immediately started developing the code and editing it to add more layers to the wave and make the wave increase frequency with volume and change the height with specific amplitudes imputed from the music.


I created a demo using the song Heat Waves by Glass Animals, which can be demoed at:



Best if on a desktop computer. And all the code for it is available in the following GitHub repository: https://github.com/codebydom/heat-waves 



- Dom

Jan. 7, 2021, 7:34 p.m.