Concentrate and Meditate with Code by Dom

I spend a lot of time learning about data analytics and visualization, so I decided to switch up and develop a software tool that was completely different.


One that just focused on calming the mind. So I wanted to build software that used some techniques that calm my own mind sometimes.

  1. Meditation 
  2. Inspirational Quotes
  3. Calming Music (Chill Vibes)
  4. Yoga

To incorporate meditation I built a visualization tool that is visually appealing and soothing that helps guide meditation with animations and simple instructions.


Next, to bring some positive thinking and perspective, I wanted to generate inspirational quotes so I found a API that generated some inspirational quotes that can be accessed using some simple javascript. You can do this by clicking on the wisdom button or tapping on the ying-yang symbol at the top of the page (for iphone).


To increase the chill vibes of the mediation tool and inspiration quote generator, I added buttons to turn on chill background music (far left button below) and if the chill music selected I added a randomize button to shuffle the chill vibes (far right button below). If you have any suggestions for chill vibes, reply with your suggestions at However the chill vibes can only be accessed on the desktop version of the app. Bummer for iphone users.

Lastly, the last button below all the others is the yoga button which uses a web-scraping tool to link to an up to date calendar that has a unique yoga practice for every day of the month. You can click on any day of the calendar and it will bring you to a youtube video of the yoga practice. Shoutout to for the easy to follow yoga practices and the interactive calendar.


You can find the software at


Hopefully this tool be a resource to calm people doing during stressful times. Positive vibez only.



- Dom

Dec. 1, 2020, 8:03 a.m.