welcome to posts by dom

This is the first post and I want to set some goals for this blog right here right now.

I dont have a plan for this blog, but we'll change that as I type.

GOAL 1.) Don't be boring, keep it sincere and light.

  • have each blog be like a exciting new light app at your favorite restaurant that satifys while still leaveing you hungry for more
  • keep things fresh, organic, non-gmo, real

GOAL 2.) Keep going.

  • maybe I'll run out of ideas to post, maybe just wont think I have a thought worth posting, but lets see how long that is
  • I'll try posting once a week, worse case I post once on thursday

GOAL 3.) Talk about tech.

  • Always talk about stuff that's related to technology, not always web/internet stuff, we'll see
  • I'll try to make sense of new advances in techologies

GOAL 4.) Make sense.

  • ill try to stay away from conspiracies and irrational thoughts
  • I dont have a grammar/spell check in my blog editor, really winging it 

GOAL 5.) Set a STAR goal 

  • so its gotta be specific, test it has been acomplished, actually be able to abtain it, and its gotta be relevant
  • when it comes to relevance, it needs to line up with long term goals, so lets keep it mostly bout data analysis/science

GOAL 6.) Get one client and one person with 10k+ followers in tech to compliment an article by June 2021.

  • now thats a star goal lets see how we do
  • i've always been bout the data, just gotta talk about the beauty of it, get the people to believe

GOAL 7.) Help others, good vibes only.

  • i'll promote others, make sure people get the best opinions out there from people
  • i'll practice minimalism with the criticism, end with 7 cause its a cool number.

Boom first blog post, cake.

for coming along for the ride

All love

- Dom

May 29, 2020, 6 p.m.